This is the most classic of all of them. I designed this in 1992. The year before I had been selling models that were similar but the wire had more air underneath. So by the rational approach the model molded fast into something you could sleep with.

Since then this has been the “hot sell” item of my business. Eaven so hot sell, that the company i have sometime been working with have been selling this as they’re own design and produced them to customers under my nose.

The name Pampula just happened to get attached to this style. In English it would be probably called “Roundsy” by the same naming tactics. Other businesses that have been helping me to promote my business globally have been criticizing my product naming in general. And they are right! I just can’t help my self. It’s a part of the inspiration bubbling from inside that produces the whole design. When I’m happy with the end design I name it in a happy mode and the name becomes ridiculous. But after that I can’t rename it anymore.

I have been making these out of all the most beautiful semiprecious stones. Just resent years I have added quartz that has been colored turcoise and Christmas red to my palette. And now since the customers want eaven mo dramatic colours I got a lot of fancy colours in my palette of artificial or dyed stones.

Mostly I try to show the natures colours because the stones can be in exiting colours too. Like in the picture there is a pair made with Zoisite. Zoisite is mostly green with red ruby spots found from Russia. (From Russia comes for some reason I don’t know the most colorful stones, like the charoite). But as I was double zekking my spelling memory from the internet i stumbled in to this fascinating site about the stone:

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