I started to blog now, because i have been making jewelry over 25 years and i have designed  so many models over the years, so i need some place were to store them all. I have been giving courses about jewelry making but those are only for few and from here every one can see the ideas.

(Picture) All these lovely beads are ready for use. Look at the amethyst hearts just waiting for giggling user to appreciate them.

I have been so strict with the realness of stones that I have not used so much manmade stones yet. But the customers want colours nature doesn’t give. In the new stones i got some colored and some that have been made by melting some class like material together and adding some color. They are not synthetic stones that have been grown slowly in compression, but made fats so they do not have any stone like features. But they are nice, colorful and eaven that they lack the stone abilities  they make the user happy by just being there. And ofcourse they are not so expensive as stones. So people can get the end product cheaper, and that also makes people happy.

When I  sell stones in jewelry or as loose beads I always tell what the material is. Most are still real, and as real stones also the quality must be a bit better..

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